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  BAJT Brief Introduction

Beijing Autosoft Jitong Technologies Co., Ltd. (BAJT) was founded in 1999. Its headquarters is in Beijing and has branch offices in Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu. Since BAJT was founded, through its remorseless efforts of independent innovation for several years, it had developed various simulation and testing tools of CRESTS series, all together are eight categories, fourteen items, more than forty kinds of softwares and hardwares, that have formed into embedded software simulation and testing tool series platforms with most complete categories home and abroad. And these technologies are mainly serving in the fields of Aviation, Shipbuilding, Electronics, Telecommunication, petrochemical industry and so on.

BAJT has been applied itself in embedded technologies& instruments and measuring technologies, research & development of computer and network, testing service and acting as the agents and sales of international advanced embedded software testing tools. Moreover, BAJT is providing all-life cycle tool platforms of coverage requirement analysis, schemes verification, software development, software testing, software validation, software maintenance and so on. ( details as per "CRESTS series products"). Meanwhile, BAJT can make further development and customization to softwares primely and fastest according to the requirements of users; and it also can provide various comprehensive solutions. Especially in the respect of complex and large systems simulation and validation, borrowing the ideas and terms of traditional real-time semi-physical simulation, has established complete all-digital, semi-physical and all-physical all-in-one all-life cycle platforms of slower-than-real-time, real-time and faster-than-real-time from the bottom of embedded platform to applications, and created a new direction of embedded technologies.

Hosted by China Computer User Association and undertaken by BAJT, three sessions "Conference of China Embedded Technologies Applications" were held successfully separately in March of 2002, April of 2004 and September of 2007 in Beijing. The goal is to provide a proprietary exchanging platform for embedded technologies, that is nationwide, crossing and fusion of multidisciplinary and multi-field. And at various links from education and teaching, conceptual design to product development, market input, also professional skill trainning, product up-gradation & maintenance, BAJT is striving to have vast users understand and master embedded technologies and the applications and development state, promote the negotiation and cooperation among embedded technology products suppliers, embedded technology system integrators and professional users, and provide high-quality commercial opportunities for suppliers and users.

The slogan of BAJT is: China innovation, Innovation China The striving direction of BAJT is: insist steadily on the way of giving priority to independent innovation;

establish China top-ranking embedded software system engineering enterprise

do its best to provide embedded solutions for you£»

provide GPS tool platforms of embedded softwares

BAJT would like to offer vast old and new customers with most advanced technologies, the best quality services and the most abundant experiences in system developments. Meanwhile, BAJT hopes to achieve commom and remarkable developments together with our customers.

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:: Self-development Products list :: The Distribution Products List
Hardware-assisted real-time embedded software logic analysis system

Management in Software-testing
Process (TP-Manager)
(CRESTS/CODECAST) Real-time Simulated Environment Creating Tools
CRESTS Assembler Test and Analysis Tools

Task-flow Creating Tools (The transparent visit of network resourse) SPINEware
CRESTS TSP-ES-DSE,The Testing Support Platform for Embedded Software in Digital Simulation Environment (CRESTS/TESS)
Software All Life Circle Supporting to Quantification Quality Evaluating Management System (Panarama++)
CRESTS Embedded Software Testing on Simulated Computer (CRESTS/TESSC(SCT-CAST) General Simulated Tools of Building Models (MATRIXx)
CRESTS Real time Test (CRESTS/RT-TEST) Embedded Testing System (EASTsys)
CRESTS Assembler, Advanced Language Software Verification and Development Integration System (CRESTS/AIDE) Embedded Software Testing Tools with High
Performance (CodeTEST)
CRESTS Software Configuration Management Tools (CRESTS/SCMT) Software Verificated System
SHAM (Simulation Handling Module)
CRESTS License Management Tools (CRESTS/LCNS)
Safety-critical Compiler and Development Tools
 CRESTS/REGuide Validate Embedded Software Efficiency Analyzer of
Executing (aiT WCET)
  1750A Processor Ada Development Tools (TADS)
  Target Simulation Development Tools (SPACEBEL ERC-32/1750 Target Simulator)
  Electromagnetic Compatibility Scan System (EMSCAN)
  EDA Circuit Designer (Cadence)
  Company Project Portfolio Management
(IBM Rational Portfolio Software)
  Graphical System Designer (LabVIEW)
  Concurrent Calculation Supporter (PBS)
  Rapid Prototyping (Protype)